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Information on Custom Picks

Because of all the options we offer, there are a lot of factors that go into ordering your custom guitar picks: Imprint method, Style, Material, and Thickness.  While these factors may not be important if the picks are being used for promotional use or decoration, they are very important if the picks are going to be used for playing (so if you are buying these as a gift make sure you do some research into what kind of pick your player uses).

Pick Colors - we offer a lot

We try to offer a lot of pick colors.  Available pick colors vary depending on pick material and style you choose.  Click the navigation buttons above depending on the style of pick you are looking for to view the colors we offer.  "Style 351" is the standard shaped guitar pick.  The "Special Shapes" section contains the other pick style we offer, and "Big Picks" is for the over-sized picks that we do.

Imprint Methods - we offer 3
Custom printed guitar pick.
Full Color Imprinting

Uses a 4 color imprint method that can be used to print full color graphics as well as photos.  This imprint method also allows us to print "full bleed" or print off the edge of the pick but this imprint method is also the most expensive.  However, note that if you do print up to the edge of the picks that comes in contact with the strings while playing guitar - this action will wear the imprint off the edge of the picks.

Single Color Printing

This method allows for more detail and is more durable than hot stamping.  It is also the least expensive of the three imprint options.  However, both of the single color imprint methods do have a limited imprint area and do not allow for "full bleed".  So if you want a single color "full bleed" imprint, you will need to use the full color process even though the imprint is only single color.

Single Color Hot Stamping

Is an old school process that uses a heated die to transfer a foil imprint onto the guitar pick.  It's a classic old school look and looks great - especially the gold and silver that have the look of gold or silver foil.  However, this imprint isn't good for detailed images and this imprint can wear off quickly.

Custom printed guitar pick.
Custom printed guitar pick.
Materials - we offer 3

Click the images below to view the colors we offer.

Celluloid guitar picks.


The preferred material for picks, and most closely resembles the feel and sound of real tortoise shell.  Smooth feeling and warm sounding. It has a polished finish and comes in a variety of "pretty colors" like tortoise shell and pearloid. 

Available in 4 thicknesses: Thin (.46mm), Medium (.71mm), Heavy (.96mm) and Extra Heavy (1.22mm)

Delrin guitar picks.

A registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Delrin® is a modern plastic that has a very woody but warm sound. Extremely durable and has a matte surface that makes it easier to hold on to.  Less rigid than celluloid.  Also goes by other names in the industry such as Tortex® and Gripp-X.

Available in 8 gauges: .50mm, .60mm, .73mm, .88mm, 1.0mm, 1.14mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm

PVC guitar picks.


An inexpensive plastic and it sounds it. Picks are easily worn out with moderate playing.  It has a gloss finish like Celluloid and is great for promotional picks, but most professional players tend to shy away from these. However, there ARE players who prefer this material.  We offer both opaque and translucent colors. 

Available in 3 gauges: Thin (.46mm), Medium (.71mm) and Heavy (.96mm)

Styles - we offer a lot

Style refers to the shape of the guitar pick.  A standard shaped pick is also known as a Style 351 pick.  We also offer some specialty shape picks like smaller jazz picks, heart shaped picks and even over-sized picks.

style 351 guitar pick
large rounded guitar pick
heart shaped guitar pick
pointy guitar pick

Style 351


Heart Shaped

(Modified 351)


(Modified 351)

Style 346

(Large Rounded Triangle)

jazz guitar pick
jazz guitar pick
oversized guitar pick
jazz guitar pick
jazz guitar pick

Style 358

(Small Jazz Pick)

Style 451

(Small Jazz Pick)

Style 551

(Small Jazz Pick)


(Oversized Jazz Pick)

Over-sized Pick

(Approx. 75% Larger Than Style 351)

Thickness - picks come in various thicknesses

Not only do picks come in different shapes and materials, but they also come in different thicknesses.  This is also referred to as the gauge of the pick.  The thickness of the pick determines how much flex the pick has; the thicker the pick the more rigid it is.


Celluloid picks come in 4 standard thicknesses: Thin (.46mm), Medium (.71mm), Heavy (.96mm) and Extra Heavy (1.22mm).

Delrin® picks have most variety of gauges and are available in 8 standard thicknesses: .50mm, .60mm, .73mm, .88mm, 1.14mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm.

PVC comes in 3 standard gauges: Thin (.46mm), Medium (.71mm) and Heavy (.96mm).

While thickness does not affect the price and may not be a factor if the picks are being used for decoration or as a promotional item, thickness is an important factor if the picks are being used for playing - players usually prefer a particular thickness.

Gift Pick - Guitar Pick Gift Certificate

Looking to buy custom printed guitar picks but don't know what know what kind of picks to get?  With the PickWorld Gift Pick you can give the gift of custom printed guitar picks and let the person pick out exactly what they want. 

Good for 100 custom printed picks printed on one side with either single color or full color printing.

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